Hello and welcome to TAPT. You're here to find out more about us,

TAPT is an independent UK Bristol-based geometric psychedelic Op art alternative fashion clothing brand for men and women.

The name TAPT comes from the automatic method used to produce our artwork. The method advocates tapping into the subconscious mind encouraging primitive impulses and esoteric visions to manifest themselves. Surrealists like Salvador Dali and H. R. Giger have been major influences for us in their ability to tap into the subconscious mind to produce their visionary artwork. The Op art movement has also been a crucial influence, we incorporate some of the same techniques that artists like Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley used to exploit visual phenomena. Geometry is another key element to TAPT. M. C. Esher is of course another major influence utilizing mathematics to create awe inspiring illusions and tessellations. Other influences come from patterns used in Mayan, Native American, Tiki, Fractals, Islamic, Celtic, Medieval, Egyptian, Aztec and Tribal art. The artistic direction of TAPT is to deliver a mind-bending experience that engages your imagination and distorts your visual perception.

All of our designs are hand drawn. Then we vector them using Adobe Illustrator. We silk screen print all of our T-shirts, Hoodies, and Sweatshirts ourselves. This enables us to offer you the option to customise the colours of these garments, and can be done in the Customiser page on this website. Our sexy stretchy Spandex range is digitally printed, providing you with a durable long-lasting garment for Sportswear, Swimwear, Leisurewear or Dancewear or just to wear around the house. We hand make all of our Leggings, Leotards, Skirts and Catsuits. Allowing us to tailor the garment to fit you, suitable for both men and women. You can even customise the style of the Catsuits and Leotards. We also make Backdrops and a whole range of customised all-over print silk screen printed clothing that can be seen in the Gallery, like Ceremonial Robes, Waistcoats, Ties, Clown Dungarees, and Jackets.

The materials that we use for all of our garments are of the highest quality and environmentally conscious. The inks and binders we use are water based and non-toxic. We donate to the charity Fresh 2o, which is helping provide people with fresh drinking water worldwide. (TAPT is a small independent brand. There is only two of us doing everything from the design, marketing, accounting, and production.) So if you like our website and what we do, spread the word and show your friends the TAPT website.

We've got lots of new designs coming out soon, so watch this space!


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